PR Web Screen Shot jpgWhen I first thought about issuing a press release for the book I wrote “My Year In California,” I searched the Internet for a service to support my effort. After careful planning, I went with PRWeb. The reason? A recommendation from Deltina Hay, author, publisher, developer, blogger, and professor. I’ve taken Deltina’s excellent online course on app marketing. I selected PRWeb’s robust premium package at $369 because of its interactive, web-optimized ability. It’s like having my own website hosted on the PRWeb server. As a social media strategist for a travel app that will soon be released, I may use PRWeb to promote our launch. I’m using the book’s promotion as the proverbial canary in the coal mine. Keep your fingers crossed for me and my partner PRWeb that the media will pick up the release and write a story on my book. Thanks a bunch!

ImageAt a Nitro event in San Francisco, Zendesk’s VP of Marketing JD Peterson shared his company’s stellar IPO trajectory leading to their hockey stick moment.   “The biggest drivers of success are a free trial, easy to buy, easy to use, and affordable pricing.” Then JD pointed to the image on his black t-shirt.  “If you have a Buddha on your shirt, good things will happen.”  What’s your hockey stick moment?



abeTalk about simple.  Geez.  Take a look at Abe Vigoda’s website.  It’s a modest, one-page status of his existence here on the planet.  Is Abe Vigoda dead or alive?  Chances are, you might not even know who Abe Vigoda is.  Lemme tell you about Abe Vigoda.  He played the dead-pan, dry character named “Fish” in the Barney Miller television show in the 70s.  Yeah, I know…whatever.  At 93, he’s still got a sense of humor.  But there’s something more. At his advanced age he’s got a knack for usability and direct communication.  That’s why I believe his website is a stroke of genius in its simplicity.  Ultimately, that’s where digital is heading, towards a total and complete streamlined user experience.  So thanks Abe, for blazing the path and showing us the way.  Status check? Alive.

community manager imageForbe’s has written a great story on community management.

#1 Growth ~ The role of a community manager is pivotal in getting people not only to your community, but actively involved in your community, which is commonly referred to as “driving early adoption.”

#2 Engagement ~ Community managers humanize your brand by connecting with your customers.

#3 Listening ~ Frequently referred to as “measuring,” your community manager will listen to user feedback and social media metrics to evaluate the community on a regular basis.

#4 Improvement ~ Your community manager should be building on the “listening” phase to ensure that your community doesn’t fall behind.

Tips on Communication

February 26, 2014

Dr. Leslie HewittDr. Leslie Hewitt shares some communication tips on ways to “speak your truth and confess your greatness” which I found to be quite useful.  As a communications specialist, I recommend watching: The New Glossary.

zombieSocial media guru Brian Solis has written a thoughtful story on the Value of Time Spent In Social Networks.  Sadly, I read this while I was in a Twitter coma.  Why not treat yourself to a little dose of reality from a thought leader that might be writing himself out of a job.  Brian: we are not worthy.


What’s Your Klout Score?

January 8, 2014

ImageAsking someone about their Klout Score may be the same as asking about their weight, salary, or age.  It may be inappropriate and fall under the “mind your own beeswax” category.  Or is it?  The Klout Score is a number between 1-100 that represents your social media influence. President Obama’s score is 99; Justin Bieber: 92; and Brian Solis (social media guru): 86.  Why not check out your Klout score and discover a measurable way to increase your influence in the social media world?  After all, it’s in the public record.


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