Stand Up Against Bullying

Over 150 photographers wanted to shoot this poster project.

One of the most rewarding projects I’ve managed this year was a poster for the San Francisco Unified School District “Stand Up Against Bullying.”  I worked with a team of dedicated educators whose goal is to create a safe learning environment for all students.  Is that really so much to ask—to allow students to attend class without getting bullied?  I guess so because the prevalence of bullying is increasing.  Together we came up with the poster’s concept and then my job was to manage all the moving parts including sewing the capes the models wore for the shoot and more importantly, hiring the photographer who would capture the image.  I placed a Craig’s List ad offering $250 for the job and you know how many photographers responded?  Over 150—with at least ten of them offering their services for free.  Really?  I was floored by the response.  But then again I believe that people really want to be part of a feel-good project, which this poster definitely is.   There is a movement afoot to create a new world full of hope and optimism.  If you can, try not to get hung up on the bad news in the world.  Remember, good news doesn’t sell newspapers or television ads.  At the heart of it, we all want to make a difference in the world—and we can, one person at a time.

Dr. Leslie Hewitt

Dr. Leslie Hewitt is the founder of the WOW Factor.

A face reading booth first caught my attention at the WOW Conference, a gathering of 500 women celebrating health and wellness in Pleasanton.  Face reading expert, career consultant and author Naomi Tickle examined my eyes, head, chin, lips and nose.  “You’re stubborn, creative, and beat to your own drummer,” she said.   “You should consider counseling people in their careers.”  Of course I was delighted with the reading and paid $10 for her book “What Makes People Tick and Why the Answers are in the Face.”

The WOW Conference is the brainchild of Dr. Leslie Hewitt a chiropractor, speaker, author, aerobics instructor and yoga teacher whom any woman might feel inferior standing next to—she’s a blonde with a great figure radiating health and vitality.  To make matters worse, she was wearing a red dress—and looked great in it.  But her sincerity and concern about the choices women are making for their healthcare is so earnest, you have to cheer for her cause.

“I am in awe at the women that are gathering around the tribal fire to connect, collaborate, and celebrate,” she said at the conference, sharing her vision.   “I guess the Dali Lama was right when he said Western women will change the World. I am feeling the paradigm shift as a result of the divine feminine perspective. My intention is so filled with purpose and service to Mother Earth and to remind women not to medicate their truth.”

I encourage all women to attend the next WOW Conference in February and help be the change in the world.

Dr. Leslie Hewitt, Founder of the WOW Factor
Tama Kieves Smiling

Tama Kieves has written a new book that I recommend.

Tama Kieves is a pixie-sized woman with jewel-toned eyes the color of an aquamarine, and has enough vitality to fuel any downtrodden mid-lifer into leaving their job for the promise of a more fulfilling existence.   When I lived in San Diego for a month on my California journey, I heard Tama offer an inspirational workshop designed to help people follow their dreams.

“You may not be able to see how you make your dreams happen, but your love contains the blueprint for an inspired life,” said Tama.

As an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, she left her law practice with a large corporate firm to write and embolden others to live and breathe their dreams.  Her book This Time I Dance—Creating the Work You Love launched her career as an author, career coach and workshop facilitator.  In short, Tama was doing everything that I hoped to do one day.

How I would get there, I wasn’t sure.  But I did know that once I finished my California journey and began my new life, I would launch this service.  I have a great gift of harnessing both the creative and practical aspect of business and I would use this skill to support people in making their dreams come true.  They in turn would help others.  Together we would raise the vibration of the world and hopefully make it a better place.

Fast forward two years and I am now a “personal project manager” – helping transform my client’s ideas into a solid plan of action.  It is a dream come true to help others on their journey.

So what the heck is Tama doing now?  She has written another book Inspired & Unstoppable ~ Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!  I’ve only read the first chapter and I’m already inspired by her enthusiasm.   I can only smile and cheer her on when I read an uplifting epigram like the following:

“You’re meant to succeed in the work you love.  Your desire will take you all the way.”

Congratulations Tama!  You’re doing great.