The WOW Factor: Bringing Women Together For Change

September 9, 2012

Dr. Leslie Hewitt

Dr. Leslie Hewitt is the founder of the WOW Factor.

A face reading booth first caught my attention at the WOW Conference, a gathering of 500 women celebrating health and wellness in Pleasanton.  Face reading expert, career consultant and author Naomi Tickle examined my eyes, head, chin, lips and nose.  “You’re stubborn, creative, and beat to your own drummer,” she said.   “You should consider counseling people in their careers.”  Of course I was delighted with the reading and paid $10 for her book “What Makes People Tick and Why the Answers are in the Face.”

The WOW Conference is the brainchild of Dr. Leslie Hewitt a chiropractor, speaker, author, aerobics instructor and yoga teacher whom any woman might feel inferior standing next to—she’s a blonde with a great figure radiating health and vitality.  To make matters worse, she was wearing a red dress—and looked great in it.  But her sincerity and concern about the choices women are making for their healthcare is so earnest, you have to cheer for her cause.

“I am in awe at the women that are gathering around the tribal fire to connect, collaborate, and celebrate,” she said at the conference, sharing her vision.   “I guess the Dali Lama was right when he said Western women will change the World. I am feeling the paradigm shift as a result of the divine feminine perspective. My intention is so filled with purpose and service to Mother Earth and to remind women not to medicate their truth.”

I encourage all women to attend the next WOW Conference in February and help be the change in the world.

Dr. Leslie Hewitt, Founder of the WOW Factor

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