Building The New World

November 16, 2012

Joanna Macy

Joanna Macy holds a vision for the new world.

Emerging ways of building the new world always thrill me when I discover them.  I found a new website that serves as a funding platform at Indiegogo.  Their concept is broken down into four steps:

  1. Raise money
  2. Create your campaign
  3. Gain global exposure
  4. Get inspired

Inspiration is always what lights my fire and that’s exactly the emotion that captured my spirit when I received an email from Joanna Macy, a true visionary for these evolutionary times.  She’s a hard-nosed realist.  Joanna knows that when things look bleak, human beings respond with great wisdom and ingenuity. Her story of what she calls “the Great Turning,” the global shift from destruction to sustainability, is deeply inspiring.  “Don’t be afraid of your heart breaking open,” she tells us. “The heart that breaks open can hold the whole universe. It’s that big.”

Chris Laundry is making a short film about Joanna Macy and he needs $12,000 to fund his campaign.  Luckily, he’s more than halfway there.  If you are as inspired by Joanna’s wisdom as I am, you might want to make a contribution, if not for yourself, then maybe for the future of humanity.


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