The Four-Hour Kid Offers Career Advice

November 29, 2012


Tim Ferris is the author of the Four-Hour Chef.

Tim Ferris is the author of the Four-Hour Chef.

Tim Ferris, author of runaway best seller the Four-Hour Work Week is a goofy guy—and a braniac.  He spoke at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, while sipping a few glasses of red wine, and gave insight on his charmed life—one he’s worked way more than four hours per week to cultivate.  Right now he is promoting his new book The Four-Hour Chef, a 672-page tome that he’s self-published on Amazon, going against the publishing grain, alienating himself from the traditional brick and mortar juggernauts like Barnes and Noble who do not carry his book.  “If you want to make an impact in the digital world be prepared to take an impact,” he said.  “This is a full-armor sport.”   So far his new book is doing well, sitting at number two on Amazon for most of this week.  Ferris considers himself at the core to be a teacher with the gift of distilling complicated data into bite-sized chunks that the public can consume, humbly and refreshingly assuring the audience “I’m no Hemingway.”

The sold-out crowd of Ferris-fans were mostly in their 30s, eager to learn from the master entrepreneur whom I thought was very down-to-Earth, if your idea of terra firma is a combination of intellect and raunch—his vocabulary is salty, and made me giggle with its self-confidence and sass, too Popeye-the-sailor-man for me to repeat on this PG-rated blog.  “If you want to make something of yourself from nothing early on in your career you have to hustle,” he said at the Q and A portion of the talk.  “Then you have to execute—being a good communicator is vital.”  I raised my imaginary wine glass to his advice—cheers Mr. Ferris…you’re doing good, kid.


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