The New Way To Interview

February 12, 2013

success and failure     The days of physical client meetings are so yesterday. Now there are efficient “green” teleconferences and web-based meetings. Human contact in the physical realm is about as useful as a rotary telephone or dial-up Internet access. While this new way of doing business cuts back on the gas budget, some, if not most, of the social connection is lost.  Continuing this trend is HireArt a website that screens and sources job candidates through work samples and video interviews.  It’s actually brilliant, when you consider the time an employer spends sitting through dead-beat interviews.  The problem with this form of screening is that it’s geared toward attractive people who are web savvy—the twenty and thirty something’s.  If you are a little older and more experienced, you might not be skyping or hip to the latest online bells and whistles. Still, there is no way to stem the tide of this emerging technology.  My suggestion for everyone over the age of 40 is to brush up on your video skills.  Change is here and there is no going back to the old fashioned way of doing business.  Visit Eight Tips for Successful Video Interviews to gain insight into this new world.