He’s My Brother

March 13, 2013

tn-dpt-1109-bose-ray-dasilva-20121108-001Six months ago, my mom suffered a stroke.  She’s doing much better now, but can never live alone again.  My brother vowed that my mom would never live in an old folks’ home. And he meant it.  Four months ago, he moved in with her.  Despite the fact that he is a homeowner and has a full-time job, he still takes care of our mom.  I’m so grateful for his support.  Without my brother’s commitment to our mother, she would not remain in her home.  I’ve always said that talk is cheap, action is what counts.  How many people say one thing and do another?  Not my brother.  He’s the real deal.  I’m not the only one who considers him an unsung hero.  Len Bose, a reporter for the Newport Beach newspaper the Daily Pilot wrote an inspirational story about my brother.   I just discovered this story a few days ago.  Of course my brother would never say anything.  That’s his way.  He walks the talk.  In today’s world of hype and promotion, it’s refreshing.  Just don’t tell him I shared this story with you.  He doesn’t want any attention.  That’s how he operates—under the radar.  Visit: The Harbor Report: BYC, harbor lucky to have Ray.


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