abeTalk about simple.  Geez.  Take a look at Abe Vigoda’s website.  It’s a modest, one-page status of his existence here on the planet.  Is Abe Vigoda dead or alive?  Chances are, you might not even know who Abe Vigoda is.  Lemme tell you about Abe Vigoda.  He played the dead-pan, dry character named “Fish” in the Barney Miller television show in the 70s.  Yeah, I know…whatever.  At 93, he’s still got a sense of humor.  But there’s something more. At his advanced age he’s got a knack for usability and direct communication.  That’s why I believe his website is a stroke of genius in its simplicity.  Ultimately, that’s where digital is heading, towards a total and complete streamlined user experience.  So thanks Abe, for blazing the path and showing us the way.  Status check? Alive.