zombieSocial media guru Brian Solis has written a thoughtful story on the Value of Time Spent In Social Networks.  Sadly, I read this while I was in a Twitter coma.  Why not treat yourself to a little dose of reality from a thought leader that might be writing himself out of a job.  Brian: we are not worthy.



What’s Your Klout Score?

January 8, 2014

ImageAsking someone about their Klout Score may be the same as asking about their weight, salary, or age.  It may be inappropriate and fall under the “mind your own beeswax” category.  Or is it?  The Klout Score is a number between 1-100 that represents your social media influence. President Obama’s score is 99; Justin Bieber: 92; and Brian Solis (social media guru): 86.  Why not check out your Klout score and discover a measurable way to increase your influence in the social media world?  After all, it’s in the public record.

ImageIt’s been said that social media is an ingredient to a robust business plan, not an entrée.  My job as a social media strategist is to guide you in setting realistic expectations that are rooted in your business goals.  Social media is not a silver bullet or a magic pill, it won’t solve all your business challenges, it’s a way to attain social visibility in ways that blend in and stand out.  Social media is about building a community around your brand, and then contributing your voice to other social communities, establishing your company as a team player in the social media world.